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Learning with my eyes

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Lentil soup served with fish cake and crispy olive oil crouton Lentil soup served with fish cake and crispy olive oil crouton

Today surprisingly didn't start as every other morning, no chopping fish heads as the sun rises! I helped prepare the meats for the faba dish, also had a chance to try a faba croquette which was absolutely delicious! It is the meat of the beans with chorizo perfect tapas!

I also had a chance to watch in on a braised chicken dish and to my surprise to thicken the sauce for this dish the onions and peppers are forced through a fine mesh strainer. Really love the flavour of this dish! Once cooled I vacuum packed all the chicken as for quick service it is warmed in boiling water.

Last night I had a chance to cook for my room mate Thomas, we enjoyed some Moscato wine and a basil and cheese pasta with Brie cheese toasts! I was happy to get my hands on some of my favourite cheese at the grocery store! Also amazing by the selection of cured meats available at the grocery store, one whole section dedicated to it!

The days are long on Friday and Saturday, we work 9am-5pm then back from 9pm-11:30pm, the nights being much slower then the siesta time! Tomorrow I hope I am able to jump in even more, it's very hard only having two weeks in a non English speaking kitchen, I am learning a lot with just my eyes, a whole new experience.

I feel extremely prepared to enter a new kitchen when I return and to continue my culinary journey through kitchens anywhere across the world. There are ups and downs putting yourself out there in a whole new culture and environment. If your adventure doesn't test your deepest emotion it's not a real adventure but just a vacation.

Here's to another day!

Brianne Nash

Brianne Nash, head chef at Saucy restaurant in Mississauga, was our 2012 Discovered Culinary Competition winner! She won the contest featuring up-and-coming culinary stars competing against the clock, at  the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association show in Toronto. Chef Nash's prize was an all-expenses-paid trip to spend a week cooking at Casa Gerardo, a Michelin-star restaurant in northern Spain.

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