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Passion for food needs no translation

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Felt recharged today with a good night sleep and ready to learn. Started my day very similar to yesterday. I’m back in the freezer gutting fish, snipping their heads off, and removing pin bones! After that I began cooking clams, plating the meat portion of the faba dish and lots of other dishes!

I am slowly picking up Spanish words while I can't help but regret dropping languages in high school. Although, it is nice to be oblivious and just learn with my eyes. I am watching every move and hoping to be able to jump in where I can!

It is amazing to watch everyone work and love what they do. There is a true love and passion for food in this kitchen which can be hard to find in the hustle bustle of everyday North American life. However, McDonalds and Burger King have yet to find themselves in this little town.

I am really enjoying the multicultural influence that the restaurant brings! People from all over the world are here to absorb the culture of Spain.

My room mate is from Hong Kong and we have more similarities than I expected. We plan to cook an Italian feast for dinner one night this week - ha! I’m looking forward to another day at Casa Gerardo tomorrow.

The evenings after work manage to fill themselseves with Spanish food, beer and new found friends, even if we speak through google translate! Cheers to another day!

Brianne Nash

Brianne Nash, head chef at Saucy restaurant in Mississauga, was our 2012 Discovered Culinary Competition winner! She won the contest featuring up-and-coming culinary stars competing against the clock, at  the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association show in Toronto. Chef Nash's prize was an all-expenses-paid trip to spend a week cooking at Casa Gerardo, a Michelin-star restaurant in northern Spain.

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