Nella Cucina cooking school


Eating Local on Earth Day

Join us on Earth Day as we discover “What’s in the Box!”

We are excited to collaborate with Mama Earth Organics for this Earth Day Cooking Class. We will use local, organic, sustainable produce from a Mama Earth Organics Grocery Box Delivery to create:


A Delicious Salad

A Hearty Main Course with a Starch and Vegetable

A Fruit-Based Dessert

Sparkling Beverages

Vegetarian options are available. Please let us know in advance.

Mama Earth Organics

Heather & Alex Billingsley started Mama Earth Organics in 2007, in order to source organic produce directly from local farms. 

Heather works with local organic farmers and suppliers each week in order to find the freshest and best tasting items available.  This is our priority.

We have deliveries/pick ups coming in each day.  We try not to hold anything for more then 24 hours (except for root vegetables).  We’re very picky.

Selection Hierarchy

Taste:  Comes in above everything and is the only necessary element.  It must taste excellent and be as fresh as possible.

Local:  Search out and find locally sourced food if it’s available.

Organic: Required for all produce.  For other items, make the choice on a case by case basis based on an evaluation of all four variables.

Small Scale Food Production:  Our preference.