March Break 2017

March 13-17   2017

9 am - 2 pm

Age 10 - 14

$80 + tax per day

For all tweens with a cooking passion...

Work with a team in a professional kitchen and learn culinary skills that will last a lifetime!


Monday March 13th (DAY ONE)

Basic Knife Skills

Learning recipes that will enhance Knife Skills, How to work in a kitchen as an organized professional team, and how to properly plate food for serving.


●     Finger Bites. (learning correct slicing, and decorative skills)

●     Meat and OR Veggies Kebabs. (learning correct sizing for chopping, flavour combinations, how to grill & safety training)

●     Fruit Kebabs with Home-Made Ice Cream.

Tuesday March 14th (DAY TWO)

Little Taste of Italy

Learning authentic Italian recipes and cooking methods.


●     Meatballs“Alla Pizzaiola” (learning The Chefs secrets on how to correctly prepare & cook meatballs)

●     Home-Made Coloured Pasta. (learning how to alter the colouring of the dough with vegetables)

●     Home-Made Bread Making & Braiding. (learning how to make dough from scratch with Pan Brioche Dough)

●     Panna Cotta with Raspberry Sauce.

Wednesday March 15th (DAY 3)

Sandwiches for Full Balanced Meals

Learning Safety with Eggs and Chicken.


●     Home-Made Sandwich Fillings. (learning the essentials for fillings how to include eggs & or chicken, how to correctly combine ingredients in a bun,  overview of food groups, and use the Home-Made buns prepared on Day 2)

●     Home-Made Mayonnaise.

●     Fruit Tarts with Home-Made Custard and Hand-Made Shortbread. (learn to improve knife skills, and The Blind Cooking Method for shortbread)

Thursday March 16th (DAY 4)

How to Properly Prepare Meat

Learning how to properly cook meat, how and when to season, correct temperatures.


●     Risotto 4- Ways. (learning how to properly cook it and how to prepare the stock - each group will make a different type)

●     Steak and OR Salmon Steak. (Learning how to cook it, when to season it, when it's done to your satisfaction!)

●    Italian Crostata. (learning about sugars and jams and how to make a lace crostata)

Friday March 18th (DAY 5)

Challenge Day

Put what you learned this week to the test.

The best 3 or 4 Chefs of the week will be chosen to lead their own brigade in the kitchen. Recipes from the week will be assigned to each team to prepare a meal for the entire class.

Judges from Nella will decide the best group. Each team-mate will win a take home prize - 8" Chef Knife