Knife Skills - February 2018

About the Chef:

Chef Valentina is originally from Italy and is now a Corporate Chef at Nella Cucina. She has studied at the prestigious cooking school “La Cucina, Italiana”, then continuing her education at the famous Gualtiero Marchesi Academy in Milan – The International School of Italian Cuisine. She has been teaching Italian cooking, including kitchen skills first in Italy and now at Nella Cucina. 

About the course:

We don’t realize it, but when in the kitchen, we spend most of our time preparing the ingredients, that knives are our best friends.

Knowing how to use them properly it is not only a matter of safety, but also a matter of effectiveness, and a matter of saving time.

In this class, we will learn how to handle the knife and how to manage different cuts. We will explore the different types of knives, the features most important to their functioning, what to buy and what not to buy.

Let’s talk about the menu:  in my opinion, to learn how to use knives properly, vegetables are the way to go.

As a young and inexperienced chef, one of the first tasks we are faced in the kitchen is to peel and prepare onions, and that is why we are starting by preparing a luxurious French onion soup.

We will learn how to prepare citrus supreme (the naked orange wedges) and how to hand shave a vegetable with a very Sicilian “Fennel and orange salad”.

Of course, no knife skills class would be complete without a proper Nonnas Minestrone. This, better than anything else, will instill the proper knife skills and will show how to approach different vegetables.

We will move onto learning how to prepare a nice tomato concasse to have a proper “Tomato Bruschetta” with basil chiffonade.

We will then move onto preparing beautiful “apple roses” for dessert.


●     French Onion Soup 

●     Fennel and Orange Supreme Salad 

●     Minestrone 

●     Tomato Bruschetta 

●     "Apple Roses" 

Level: beginner

Structure: Demo + hands-on practice. Recipes are done individually or in pairs while they are being taught and explained.

Price: $125 + tax per person

Duration: 3 hours 

To register: call 416 922 9055 - email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  - click the button below


The class will run with a minimum of 8 participants

Please advise any allergies and food restriction