Knife Skills 1

Knife Skills 1

Our super talented guest chef Wes Hains will lead along with our resident Chef Valentina Giorcelli to create a 3-hour fun, entertaining and knowledgeable full hands-on workshop!


Date: Friday, November 24th

Time: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm 

Price: $125 per person 


This class will teach the necessary skills for using kitchen knives in a safe and efficient manner. You will learn the parts and the basic types of knives, as well as how to properly use and take care of them. Throughout the class you will be implementing the knowledge you have acquired during the class in order to prepare the Italian inspired menu. 


  • Introduction 
  • Anatomy of a kitchen knife
  • Types of knives
  • Knife safety
  • Basic types of knife cuts
  • Knife care and maintanance 
  • Demonstration followed by guided practise
  • Collaborative cooking to prepare a four-course meal
  • Dinner


  • Tomato Bruschetta 
  • Minestrone Soup
  • Florentine Style T-Bone Steak  
  • Prune and Rosemary Tart


Call in to register now at (416) 922-9055