Molecular Cuisine with John Placko - June 2019

About the Course: 

We will start the class with an overview of ingredients and equipment, as well as talk about the items we will use in class. Guests will then be split into 3 groups and will start the molecular hands-on experience rotating though 3 stations: 

Station 1- Liquid nitrogen ice cream. Ice cream pearls and coconut cups.

Station 2- Gels and foams. Turning liquids into gels and foams.

Station 3- Spherification. Turning liquids into pearls/caviar.

Each guest will have the opportunity to see how the molecular creations can be used in a dish and will get a chance to sample! 

Level: beginner

Structure: Demo + hands-on practice

Price: $125 + tax per person

To register: call 416 922 9055 or click the button below

The class will run with a minimum of 8 participants

Please advise any allergies and food restrictions