Nella Cucina cooking school


Regional Mexican Cuisine – Central Mexico

Instructor: Chef Francisco Alejandri

In this series of classes, Chef Francisco Alejandri will show the vast differences in cuisine throughout Mexico from the grilled beef dishes and wheat flour tortillas in the North, to the Caribbean-influenced flavours of the Pacific Coast. Mexico being such a vast country, the regional cuisine of each area has it’s own distinct flavour and flare, due to climate, soil conditions, and historical influence.

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  • Sopa Verde de Elote (Green Soup with Corn)
  • Enchiladas Verdes de Pollo (Green Chicken Enchiladas)
  • Flan de Naranja (Orange Flan)
  • Red Wine and Watermelon Aqua Fresca

Date: Wednesday, September 15

Reception: 6:30pm

Class: 7-9:30pm