European Pastry 101 - March 2018

About the Chef:

Our super talented Bruna, from the prestigious culinary school Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. She travelled the world and now she is here to amaze you with her incredible skills. Did I mention that she is from Brazil? Super fun!

About the course:

Pastry is an art that requires precision, technique and the right ingredients. This course aims to show some of the basic techniques required to elaborate from simple sugar cookies to tarts, creams and mousse cakes.

Duration:3 hours in 4 days


Price: $450 + tax per person for 4 classes 

Structure: Demo + hands-on practice. Recipes and theory are taught, and then students move to practice.


●     Day 01 - Tart dough

○     Pate sucree (cremage, sablage, frasage)

■     How to use pastry rings to make tart shells

■     How to bake blind

○     Apple tart

■     How to make lattice

○     Cookies

■     Jam cookies

■     Chocolate diamonds

■     Coconut sablé            

Take home: cookies, apple tart

Keep for next class: unbaked tart shells for frangipane (in freezer), baked tart shells for tarts

●     Day 02 - Creams

○     Lemon curd → lemon meringue pie

○     Frangipane → tarte bourdaloue (with poached pears)

○     Pastry cream

■     Coconut → banana coconut pie

○     Jelly raspberry coulis

Take home: lemon meringue tart, tarte bourdaloue, banana coconut pie, chocolate cannoli

Keep for next class: jelly raspberry coulis, in freezer for entremet

●     Day 03 - Meringues and Mousses

○     Types of meringue (french, swiss, italian), meringue decorations

○     Almond dacquoise

○     White chocolate mousse

○     Assemble mousse cake and freeze

○     Assemble berry tart

Take home: berry tart

Keep for next class: frozen, assembled mousse cake

●     Day 04 - Mirror Glaze and Sponge Cake

○     Sponge Cake

■     Ganache filling

■     How to assemble a naked cake

■     Decoration with drip ganache and berries

○     How to make mirror glaze

■     Glaze the cake and decorate

Take home: white chocolate and raspberry mousse cake, naked cake

*Please note, the classes for this course, because of its organization can NOT be taken individually*

The class will run with a minimum of 8 participants

Please advise any allergies and food restriction