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"In Toronto, there is a shop that is one part professional restaurant supply centre, one part consumer retail store, and flavored with dashes of cooking studio and a little bit of chef’s flea market.  A block north of Bloor Street on the west side of Bathurst, Nella Cucina is the place where the at-home-gourmet crowd who has graduated from the comforts of Home Outfitters and Williams-Sonoma go for inspiration."

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From CityLine

"There are all sorts of day programs to keep children occupied during the summer months, but parents of young foodies might want to consider the Kids Summer Cooking Camps run by Nella Cucina..."

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From Spotlight Toronto

"Walking into the Bathurst Street location of Nella Cucina is like walking into an Aladdin’s Cave for foodies...."

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From The Globe and Mail

"Tired of charcuterie yet? Here’s a way to enjoy a new twist on the cured-meat craze that continues to permeate every funky eatery, boîte and resto-lounge in Canada....."

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From Spotlight Toronto

"I attended a beginner cooking class at Nella Cucina, where I learned, with a large cohort, the intricacies of Chinese dim sum making....:

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From Food Network Canada

"The second I hear three consecutive notes of Mexican music, or scoop a generous glob of guacamole on a chip, I’m instantly transported. Mexican food not only tantalizes my taste buds, it warms my soul....."

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