The School of Cannabistronomy
In partnership with Nella Cucina.

Cooking School Overview

The culinary school for gastronomic exploration in all forms of plant-forward cooking. A place for learning the fundamentals and experimenting with flavour, technique, pairing, provenance, and sensory stimulation; guided by some of the city’s best cannabis infusion chefs - Ted Corrado and Charlotte Langley.

Whether you’re curious or cultivated in cannabis consumption, Lab byMINISTRY is for you. We’re building approachable programmes for learning to cook with cannabis, where trustworthy knowledge from experienced teachers is always at hand to guide you. With over 30 years of combined experience working at the cutting edge of gastronomy, Ted and Charlotte fuse classic technique and high level knowledge honed in professional kitchens with the fundamentals of cooking with cannabis, creating a unique elevated educational platform for cannabistronomy.

At the core our philosophy is our belief in cannabis as a unique culinary ingredient. One that can not only heighten the culinary experience, but compliment flavour and improve wellness. That’s why we’ve created a range of classes that promote a more positive cannabis experience that allows you to integrate into your daily life in a range of ways. Once you’ve got to grips with the basics through Cannabis 101, Ted and Charlotte will be hosting a wide selection of classes where they share their own recipes, from baking to wellness to international cuisines.


The ultimate lifted baking masterclass. In this class you will have hands on training in both the savoury and the sweet side of canna-baking. Starting with some of the classics. A creamy Creme Brulee dosed with CBD for an after dinner treat, some uber canna-buttery baked and glazed biscuits, perfect for a Saturday morning wake and bake, and the perfect fail-safe Brownie recipe.We start the class with an overview of Canna 101 that showcases the basics on Strains, Decarb, Infusion and Dosing and will evolve into a baking and hands on work shop. We will wrap the class with snacks and some take home bites as well as a brochure and recipe card booklet outlining everything you have learned. 

Teacher Overview

Ted Corrado: One of the most influential names in the Toronto food scene, Ted’s contemporary and innovative cooking style was responsible for firmly setting The Drake properties as a one of the city's finest culinary institutions. Making his name as Head Chef with c5 at the ROM, Ted then relaunched The Drake Hotel, establishing it as one of the city’s premier dining destinations, before opening the Drake Commissary and the Drake Devonshire in Prince Edward County to critical acclaim. Having overseen some of the city’s top restaurants, Ted has seen locally and internationally acclaimed culinary talent come through his kitchens, training names such as David Zilber, Matt Ravenscroft, and Alexandra Feswick.

After 8 years at the Drake, Ted took the full-time leap into the world of cannabistronomy by joining byMINISTRY as Director of Culinary. With many years of experience cooking with cannabis, Ted sets his sights on creating true innovation in both cannabis and gastronomy through the unique properties of the plant. Creating the next wave of high-class culinary cannabis experiences and products, Ted will be launching byMINISTRY’s first-of-its-kind cannabis cooking school, Lab byMinistry; overseeing plant-forward food and drink menus at byMinistry spaces including Matcha byMinistry, and creating a range of gourmet byMinistry edible lines.


Charlotte Langley: Never bound by titles or labels, Charlotte Langley is constantly reinventing herself and what it means to be a chef, culinary curator, entrepreneur, ambassador for sustainability and champion of the people and causes she believes in.

Hailing from PEI, Canada, Charlotte embodies what her peers often call “Maritime Chic” – a love for honest food shared with warmth, charm and that famed East Coast hospitality that has chefs, farmers, restaurants, collaborators and clients across provinces and borders knocking on her door.

Over 10 years of honing her expertise working with and elevating seafood has taken her through some of the country’s most recognized restaurants (C Restaurant, Whalesbone, Catch, Rodney’s Catering) and in 2014, led her to create Canada’s first fresh canned seafood company, Scout Canning.

Since then she has expanded her repertoire with Scout Events, the Bibbs and Bubs event series, judging culinary competitions (PEI Shellfish Festival, Boston Seafood Expo North America), being featured on TV and in multiple print articles (Breakfast Television Toronto, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Life, City Bites, The Journal Pioneer), participating in speaking panels (Terroir Symposium, Restaurants Canada Show, The Walrus), and in 2017 becoming an Ambassador for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). It is in this role that Charlotte helps educate about the importance of caring for the oceans that provide for and feed millions, and inspire chefs and consumers alike to choose certified sustainable and traceable seafood.

Charlottes’ culinary cannabis training began 4 years ago when she wanted the opportunity to expand her repertoire surrounding her cuisine. It all started with a brunch that ended up being covered by High Times and that was just the beginning of Charlotte’s Culinary Cannabis adventures. now come to work with top Canadian brands such as Canopy, Auxly, Tokyo Smoke, Hiku, Vanderpop hosting a nation-wide Women and Weed education series.


Date: 15 February 2020, 2.00pm - 4.30pm

Level: Beginner

Structure: Demo + hands-on practice

Price: $125 + tax per person

To register: click here

Please advise any allergies and food restrictions