Virtual Macaron Monday

macarons in white ball selective focus photography


Macarons have been making history for centuries! They are chewy, crispy, melt in your mouth one bite treats! Making these beauties takes a little patience, a lot of technique and quality ingredients. Let us guide you through achieving these at home. A stand mixer and scale are required for this class, it is extremely important to thave the right tools for success in this recipe. Thankfully our online store has you covered should you need! Keep in mind gel food colourings work best for Macarons if you wish to colour them. 




  • Classic Macarons
  • Examples of colourings & flavourings 
  • Buttercream
  • Desired flavours, colourings, garnishes and/or edible paint
  • Equipment: Stand Mixer, Piping Pag, Spatula, Baking Tray, Measuring Cups & Spoons, Scale, Plain Piping Tip, Oven thermometer (to ensure of proper temperature) 

Structure: Virtual Hands-On

Date: Monday February 8th 2021

Price: $50 per device

Time:  2pm-4pm (2 hours)

Platform: Zoom, class will open 20-30 mins prior to allow ample time to get comfortable.

Level: Adult, Advanced

Please review your grocery list, prep list and equipment requirements prior to class. We may ask to have some items prepped in advance to help with the flow of class.

Have your tablet, laptop or phone fully charged and ready for class.

Our chefs look forward to hosting you and creating a delicious meal together!

Check out our online store where you can check out products we use in class and so much more!

This class will run with a minimum of 8 participants 

To register- Click Below, or call us at 416-922-9055